Friday, May 8, 2015

Bad Machinery (The Case Of Team Spirit) Review

Author: John Allison
Pages: 135 pages
Publisher: Oni Press
Publishing date: April 2nd 2013
Source:  Library (non review) 

So lately I have been in a graphic novel kick, and I think this book killed it. The first part of this book was decent, the best part was the funky interesting illustrations and graphics. After that though the book really goes downhill fast. I think I was on page 30 when I thought to myself, "uhhh whats the point?" to be honest I still don't really know what the point was. 

I also didn't realize that this was a web comic turned into a book. I guess that’s probably why the book felt sort of disjointed. I really liked the idea of this book at first a group of high school kids that meet at school and form a mystery solving team. Which quickly became a bad spin off of Scooby Doo, britsh edition. 

Overall it wasn't terrible but I am really glad I picked it up at the library

Goodreads Book Description: 

Tackleford, England is a town full of mysteries. Shauna, Charlotte, and Mildred just want to help the mysterious old immigrant woman keep her home. Jack, Linton, and Sonny just want to find out why the owner of the local football stadium has been plagued by a curse. If only the two groups could stop fighting with each other, they might realize there's a shared solution...

Of course, when you're just starting your first year at Griswalds Grammar School, nothing matters quite as much as football, friends, stylish jackets, trading cards, or your nerdy teacher's fancy wife. And when all of these things are competing for your attention, just how are you supposed to find the time to solve mysteries, anyway?

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