Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review: Freedom's Child

“I am so sorry that I couldn’t save you, Rebekah, I think to myself as I fade out of consciousness. I am so sorry for everything I did and didn't do”

Author: Jax Miller
Release Date: June 2nd 2015  
Publisher: Crown
Page Number: 320 pages
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Freedom Oliver, a woman is hiding in Oregon in the wonderful witness protection program. Her own family is in a sense hunting her, they are bent on revenge. 

I honestly thought I would hate this book. I disliked Freedom the first few chapters. She's the kind of character you don't think you're going to like but, you end up loving. The twists and turns through out this book are incredible. You feel like your in the story, like you are riding the roller coaster of the characters lives. 

A fast paced story guaranteed to keep you flipping the pages. A story that has so many twists and turns it almost sickens you. I don’t read much thriller fiction, and I am pretty sure this was my first crime drama, but this book has me hooked. I read this book over the course of 3 days. I felt like I couldn’t put it down I had to figure out what would happen next. Unfortunately nothing could have prepared me for the ending. 

The characters are so interesting, you have the ones you love, Freedom an struggling alcoholic on the brink of committing suicide. Then there is her brother in law Peter, the only sane person in her in law family. Then there are the ones you hate, like Lynn the 600 lb sadistic drug addict mother of Freedom’s husband. 

The ending ties up the story nicely, without leaving any holes. At first I thought, “Wow this just ended all of the sudden” As you turn the last few pages you understand it more. All the little pieces of the story end up making a remarkable picture. 

If you are able to look past the predicability of the story, and the sort of outlandish situation it's a great book. Would it happen in real life? Probably not. It’s a book of fiction, not a true story documentary. 


Freedom Oliver has plenty of secrets. She lives in a small Oregon town and keeps mostly to herself. Her few friends and neighbors know she works at the local biker bar; they know she gets arrested for public drunkenness almost every night; they know she’s brash, funny, and fearless. 

What they don’t know is that Freedom Oliver is a fake name. They don’t know that she was arrested for killing her husband, a cop, twenty years ago. They don’t know she put her two kids up for adoption. They don’t know that she’s now in witness protection, regretting ever making a deal with the Feds, and missing her children with a heartache so strong it makes her ill.

Then, she learns that her daughter has gone missing, possibly kidnapped. Determined to find out what happened, Freedom slips free of her handlers, gets on a motorcycle, and heads for Kentucky, where her daughter was raised. As she ventures out on her own, no longer protected by the government, her troubled past comes roaring back at her: her husband’s vengeful, sadistic family; her brief, terrifying stint in prison; and the family she chose to adopt her kids who are keeping dangerous secrets. 

Written with a ferocious wit and a breakneck pace, Freedom’s Child is a thrilling, emotional portrait of a woman who risks everything to make amends for a past that haunts her still.

NOTE: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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