Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Book Review : Watch Me

Title: Watch Me
Pages: 304 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse 
Publication date: July 6th 2010
My Rating: 1 out of 5 starts
Source: Library 

Whenever I pick up a Lauren Barnholdt book, it is always a shot in the dark for me. I love some of them, while others are just awful. Maybe it is because I am out of her “demographic?" To be honest I am not loving a lot of YA these days. I was at the library which is in the middle of the country and surprised to see anything by her in an audiobook form. I thought since I was listening to it on audio, how bad could it be? Boy, was I wrong. 

To start this book is about a girl named Ally Cavanaugh who is going into her freshman year of college who gets cast to be on a reality TV show called In the House. It's like the college version of Real World except episodes aired every single day and showed events that happened just a couple days prior. 

This brings me to the first problem, the characters are so stereotypical, and cliche. There is the gangster boy, the womanizer frat boy, the innocent church girl, the girl how is so slutty she almost became a stripper (really trying to sell it I guess.) This annoyed me because had there been actually interesting characters I might have liked it better. 

The second issue is that this has predictable story line. The girl graduates goes to college and her boyfriend (in this books case corey) is going to a different school, but we will stay strong. Even though the main character is doing everything she can to mess it up. 

The main character Ally, is so annoying it makes the book a bit annoying. She was overly sensitive and almost completely sheltered girl one minute then an annoying rude girl the next. She second guessed everything and made horrible choices, but never could be self aware enough to actually realize she made these problems worse. 

The last issue is about the audio book. Oh my goodness. The narrator Cassandra Morris unfortunately had a very annoying voice. Maybe because she was trying to make it a “cutesy” summer read, but I almost stopped because it was that bad. 

Overall it just was a flop for me, I am sure that 15 year old me would have loved it, well maybe! 


She thinks she has nothing to hide… 

Ally has everything under control. She’s about to move into a house full of strangers and have her life broadcast to the world, but as long as she still has her long-distance boyfriend, Corey, nothing can go wrong. Nothing, that is, until Ally starts spending time with her housemate Drew, the hot and sensitive guy who always seems to be around when she needs someone the most. 

As suspicions and lies start pulling Ally and Corey apart, she’s not sure if she can trust anyone, not even herself. Ally is about to learn the hard way that life is what happens when everyone is looking, and it doesn’t always capture her good side….

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