Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Book Review: The Girl With 500 Middle Names

Pages: 99 pages 
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for young readers
Publication Date:  2001
My Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars
Source:  From my childhood? 

This is a cute little book I decided to read because I am doing a series on children's books later on this year. I had read it as a child many times, but had forgotten if I liked it or not. This is a very somber book, which is something I didn't expect at all. This is the sad tale of a family who is willing to do anything for their child. The little girl is named Jamie.  

The book starts out with Jamie going to a horrible school the place was old and had a broken window, no carpet, and the teachers grammar was incorrect regularly. The parents thankfully found a new school for her to go to. 

This is a great book for language for kids. Things like "whistling, squinted, exaggerated". They are then illustrated wonderfully. This will teach emotions also. 

This book also works on explaining the problem of lying. The pain point of this book is that Jamie starts wearing theses sweaters her mom has been making. They have various peoples name on them. She gains the reputation as the girl who has 500 middle names. One for each of the names that appear on the sweaters she wears. Of course this is a lie and it back fires on her. This will help start a great dialog with your child about the importance of telling the truth. 

Over all it isn't bad. It is a great book for any young reader. 

Goodreads Book Description: 

It's hard enough being the new kid in school. It's even tougher when all of your new classmates live in big houses and wear expensive clothes, while your parents have little and are risking everything just to give you a chance at a better life.
Now Janie's about to do something that will make her stand out even more among the rich kids at Satterthwaite School. Something that will have everyone wondering just who Janie Sams really is. And something that will mean totally unexpected changes for Janie and her family.

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