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Book Review: The Dog Catcher

Title: The Dog Catcher
Author: Lloyd Johnson
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
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Disclaimer: This book is about domestic violence, which may be extremely triggering to you.  Please read this review, and book at your own risk.

This book made my heart break in so many ways. Perhaps this isn't the type of book I should read due to my past. I read this book in one setting. All 410 pages in one sitting. The story just peaked my interest to keep on reading. That's what I love about reading, diving right into a story.

A young woman named Cheryl Green has had such a traumatic life, after being horribly rejected by her parents, to the point of abuse, she decides to give the world a shot. She is basically a lost girl, ill-equipped to handle life, and very naive. She is also a young mother to a precious little boy named Lawrence.

She has a situation with a horrible roommate, which I have, to be honest,  confused me a little in the beginning of the book Anyways, life happens as it always does and she has to move back in with her parents. Something that she would rather not do.

One day she meets her prince charming, Plez Jackson, who seems like the perfect guy. Maybe even a little too perfect. Desperate for love, and to replace the empty void in her heart she falls for him. He has a past that is sketchy.

There is so much I loved about this book, and there is so much I hated about this book. That is why this book is such a great read because it gets you thinking. It seemed like on every page,  I was hurt, angry, upset, or laughing. I feel like I almost became friends with Cheryl through this book. I wanted to rescue her. What I didn't expect was to feel such a connection to a character like this.

I loved her personality, her fighting spirit, regardless of what happened to her she refused to give up. She kept fighting, but I wished she fought more in certain areas. I loved the relationship she had with her son. She would do anything for him. The compassion she had, given the past, was remarkable. The scene that touched me the most about her mothering was when she thought her child had been taken:

"Something woke me up. It was one of those urgent feelings pitted in my stomach.....

I threw the sheets from my body and bolted toward Lawrence's room. Besides rumpled sheets, a blanket and an indentation on the mattress marking where he'd slept , the room was empty. Panic shot through my body. The feeling was too real to have been a dream....

I found Lawrence squatting on the floor, pouring milk into an overflowing bowl of cereal. The cuteness of the scene put me at ease. "

I also loved how fast paced the story line was. Lloyd Johnson has something that many other authors struggle with and that is the ability to write a fast-paced book with lots of action. I wanted to keep flipping the page, I also found myself making comments about the book. Why did you do that? Oh my goodness, what is going to happen next? This book will keep you on the end of your seat. 

I loved the rawness of this book. This book does not sugar coat or romanticize domestic violence. It paints a true picture that is horrifying. This book was actually a little therapeutic for me, this will be a book I will re-read. 

The thing I hated in this book was it at points seem to teater on the edge of victim shaming for me. I feel like most of the book people, including the victim rationalized and even excused some of the awful abuse. In the end I really didn't think this matter was solved. I wont reveal the ending, but I loved it, and thought it was poetic justic but I wanted more. 

I want to put a disclaimer that this book does contain a great deal of sex. If that isn't your thing you should skip over this book. I, myself, disliked the amount of sex that occured in this book. Some of it felt unnecessary and overly descriptive. That might be because I really dont like books with that much sexual contact. 

Overall this was a great read. As always I recieved this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Goodreads Description: 

 A young woman comes into her own... After being rejected by her parents, Cheryl Greene must enter a world she's ill-equipped to handle, not just for her sake but that of her son. 

When she meets the charming yet mysterious Plez Jackson, her future looks bright. That is until his schemes leave Cheryl emotionally and physically broken. Fighting to rediscover her self-worth, Cheryl realizes it won't be easy. In fact, she's in for the fight of her life!

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I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and completely unbiased review. Any thoughts and opinions are my own.

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