Thursday, July 14, 2016

Book Review: Let Me Finish!

A good-hearted, hilarious children's book. 

I love a good children's book. I was so excited when I got this book. This book may be one of the cutest children's book ever. Yes, I realize I say this every time I review a children's book. I love them, what can I say. This book will keep your child engaged, as well as yourself. Teaching kids early on the spoilers to books are the worst.

When a little boy wants to read, the book has been dying to dive into, he goes out into the woods. Unfortunately, every animal in the world wants to give the ending way! How cruel! Everyone at any age can relate to being spoiled on a book.  The book has a good moral, and the ending is dynamite.

That brings me to my favorite thing about Let Me Finish! The illustrations are so good. The colors are so vivid and pop off the page. The pages are full of interesting detail, and will keep a child entertained for awhile.

This book will teach children, good boundaries and learn to respect people. This will teach your child not to spoil books. ( something more people need to do). It also has a range vocabulary that will challenge your child and encourage development.

Goodreads Description:

When our young hero settles in to read, the last thing he wants is for some noisy animals to ruin the ending of the story.

But ruin it they do. 

And as it turns out, the boy is quickly approaching a surprise ending of his own! Maybe he should have listened to the animals after all. . . . 

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