Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Review: Let There Be Linda

Rich Leder has done it again,  Let There Be Linda, is an instant favorite of mine.  He weaves an intricate story full of colorful characters. The twists and turns will send the readers on a rollercoaster of emotions and enliven the senses. 

This book is completely messed up. In the best way possible. 

You know when a book just blows your mind? I am talking about the moment when you a finish a book and you gasp out loud. This book does exactly that. Let There Be Linda invokes so many emotions. This book will get you hook, line, and sinker. 

This is a black comic thriller that is a breath of fresh air in a genre that feels so familiar. Dare I say this maybe the best one of the year.  The way this deals with serious issues through comedy is awesome. 

This story is mainly about a set of estranged brothers, Dan and Mike Miller. They couldn't live more different lives. One is a con-man, and a washed up talent agent. While the other is an accountant, that probably has some skeletons in his own closet. This is the first in a group of lively characters. 

The characters are a big part of what makes this book so good. A sadistic, but well dressed pawn shop owner dwarf and his partner in crime. a dentist that really needs to go to rehab, a comedian cop, and a random girl that will hopefully one day use her "powers" to solve California's' drought issues. 

"There’s something different about her today, Danny
thought. Not everything, but something, maybe one thing, that’s night-and-day different from yesterday. What is it?"

Rich spends a great deal of time developing his characters. They come to life, they get descriptions and so much development. The characters just keep getting better as the story goes along. 

For the most part, the book is an action packed, extremely fast paced adventure. Even though the beginning of the book can be slow at times, but it picks up the pace and gets so interesting. 

The main characters have a major problem. They owe some serious cash to the wrong people. For the most part this book is a survival story. One that ends in away you never saw coming.  

The ending of this book was perfect. The last hundred pages flew by. It didn't end in the way I expected. I wont spoil the ending for you readers, but I will say it was a great end to a wild ride. 

Before I end this review I would like to add a disclaimer. I read a variety of books on this blog, so therefore I have a wide range of readers. Due to this I want to explain that this book is rather graphic, well actually it is incredibly graphic. It does use profanity which in no way bothered me, but this might bother some.  

If you are a fan of Rich Lenders other works, you will not be disappointed in Let There Be Linda. If you haven't read anything by him, what are you waiting for? Go buy this book. 

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Author Bio: Rich Leder has been a working writer for more than two decades. His screen credits include 18 produced television films for CBS, Lifetime, and Hallmark and feature films for Paramount Pictures, Tri-Star Pictures, and Left Bank Films.

He has written four funny novels: McCall & Company: Workman’s Complication; McCall & Company: Swollen Identity; Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench; and Let There Be Linda.

He founded Laugh Riot Press as an imprint for his funny books and the funny books of other indie authors.

He has been the lead singer in a Detroit rock band, a restaurateur, a Little League coach, an indie film director, a literacy tutor, a magazine editor, a screenwriting coach, a PTA board member, a commercial real estate agent, and a visiting artist for the University of North Carolina Wilmington Film Studies Department, among other things, all of which, it turns out, was grist for the mill.  He resides on the North Carolina coast with his awesome wife, Lulu, and is sustained by the visits home of their three children.

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  1. Awesome, Andrea! I'm thrilled you had fun with LINDA. And I'm so grateful for your terrific review. Thank you so much for your support and for letting me be a part of your very cool site today.