Monday, August 8, 2016


A short little book that I enjoyed very much. These are the kind of mysteries that made me start loving reading.  A Fragile Will, is a book that has a great mixed of romance, suspense, and cozy dialogue. It is a fun read that you won't get a headache trying to read. The author is able to write a story that keeps you entertained.

This book starts out with an unemployed high school teacher named Cassandra, whom I really enjoyed. I felt like her character was really deep and interesting.  I loved the fact that her love of literature was prominent in the book. I am an avid reader so I love when characters have a love of learning.

Cassandra takes a job at a local nursing home. which is just something she is doing to make ends meet while she is currently searching for a new job! Just when her luck is looking up, drama erupts in her life. This is a very face paced mystery!

With that said, I really disliked the ending. The fast-paced story I loved in the beginning, came to a screeching halt. I honestly wanted to stop reading at times. During the ending, which didn't turn out how I expected, the conversations just seemed stale, parts just felt so over dramatic, but I don't think it ruined the book in any way.

This is a book I am really glad to have and it really still amazes me that publishers and awesome authors feel that I am equipped to read and review their books. So thank you, Glen Ebisch for providing me with a free copy of your great book.

Goodreads Description: 

When high school English teacher Cassandra Reilly is laid off, she takes a poorly paying part-time job at a local nursing home to make ends meet. Her employment problems may be solved when one of her patients passes away after naming her in his will as the director of a new literary research center. But Cassie isn’t certain she can handle the position, and her doubts increase when she receives a threat against her life.

The lawyer who handles the will proves to be a source of support and comfort, and Cassie hopes their friendship will deepen into love. As the danger increases and Cassie faces her doubts about her own abilities, she begins to develop a new strength of character that will help her achieve her life’s goals.

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