Thursday, August 11, 2016

Book Review: From A Sky's View

This is such a lovely book of poetry written by a Brandon L. Jackson. From a Sky's View is a selection of  various poems of love and it will make you feel so many things. The weight of these poems is beautiful. They are powerful, encompassing and show the deep emotions the poet has. 

I am not very well versed in poetry to be quite honest, but I have never read a better poetry book. This book was very much one of my favorites. I found myself crying and smiling through the various pages. 

This book was incredible! 

"I never knew a smile could be a dangerous thing, until you made me do it, differently...."

I have never heard him read his poems but I feel like I could hear him. The power of his words, they just flow in my head, he has a gift for words, pace, and rhythm.  

From a Sky's View is a very weak powerful read. Invoking all the emotions love brings, and bringing the vision of a great poet to life. 

Goodreads Description: 

Agape Love and the patterns of pain. The restraints of everyday life and the freedom in letting go. 

These are subjects celebrated in Brandon L. Jackson's third poetry collection, From A Sky's View, where stepping outside of self is necessary to reach the power and beauty within.

 From A Sky's View comes from the perspective of the Soul and of its dreams, speaking to a cold world that's losing its feeling. It shares honest lessons learned from the past and the present but ultimately uses poetry as a hopeful guide for tomorrow.

 So fly high and love higher... From A Sky's View

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