Sunday, August 28, 2016

Book Review: The Oracle Speaks

The Oracle Speaks. This book is nothing like what I expected, but it was such an inspirational story. I should state that this is just a book of quotes from various interviews and statements, they are pieced together. If you are looking for more of a biography or audio biography this isn't the book for you. This is something I see a lot of readers being disappointed in. Most people are looking for investment strategies and financial insight. Instead, they get a book of quotes. 

If you are thinking well this book has no point, you are wrong. Getting to analyze the way a successful man like him ticks is really useful. This shows more of the psychology behind his life. This is something that is rare to find. I am unsure if there is anything on the market, like this book. 

“The sillier the market’s behavior, the greater the opportunity for the businesslike investor.” 

Warren Buffet is a super successful business man. He has collected a grand sum thanks to his abilities to work wall street. It is an interesting look at his thought process. His quotes range from extremely thought provoking to sort of self-help statements. 

“If Forbes would put a list of the 400 oldest Americans and I was on that one—that’s the list I really want to be on.” 

The topics covered in this book range from life, investing, charity, family, and business. They are arranged in a way that keeps you interested. The quotes span the course of his life. Which allows you to see how his thoughts and feelings have changed. 

There are many ways this book could be improved in many ways. First, if there was a commentary on the quotes, notes about topics he addressed. If many it included examples of things. These would round up the book. 

Overall this is a great read for anyone interested in business, investing, or capitalism. This is something I will continue to read and look back on. I was provided this book by Agate Publishing in exchange for my honest and completely unbiased review. All thoughts and feelings are my own. 

Goodreads Description: 
From his office in Omaha, Nebraska, without even the benefit of a computer, Warren Buffett has racked up an investment record that far surpasses his counterparts on Wall Street—or anyone else in the world, for that matter. While traditionally stock exchanges have returned about 11 percent annually in the past half century, Buffett's investments have by nearly 29 percent a year, solidifying Buffett's conglomerate holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, as the eighth-largest business in the world and netting him $44 billion along the way.

Despite this tremendous success, “the Oracle of Omaha” remains modest. He acknowledges that he has a unique ability to evaluate businesses, but he doesn’t feel entitled to the vast wealth that ability has earned him. Instead, he likes to say that he was born at the right place and time. This humility in the face of proven talent and innumerable wealth is part of what makes Buffett universally popular—he is one of the world's wealthiest men and yet he is still personable and relatable.

For the first time, the most thought-provoking and inspiring quotes from Buffett are now compiled in a single book. The Oracle Speaks: Warren Buffett in His Own Words is a comprehensive guidebook to the inner workings of the Berkshire Hathaway chairman. Hundreds of Buffett's best quotes, comprising thoughts on investing, Wall Street, business, politics, taxes, and life lessons, will provide the most intimate and direct look into the mind of a modern business icon and give readers enough counsel to last a lifetime.

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