Sunday, September 4, 2016

Book Review: Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back!

A powerful story that needed to be told. This is the story that is written by a wonderful feminist to bring to light the issue of sexual discrimination, rape, even brutal gang rapes and other horrifying things that are all too often happening in India. This book is a part of larger conversation happening around the country. 

This is a collection of 14 different Indian artists, who tell their story or the stories of others. These stories are heartbreakingly honest. The invoke emotions, fear and explain what is making being women so hard. They are all wonderful graphic artist. The are finally, drawing the line. 

The issues explored in this book are ones we are all to familiar with. This isn't just an India issue, this is a global issue that gets worse every single day. It is disgusting that sexual abuse and harassment is such a normal thing. We hear about new assault every single day. This book is cracking the silence and getting the word out there. 

Graphic novels about political issues, or hard topics tend to get a lot of hate. People want to read fun stuff, the want an escape from the hardness of the world. This issue is something that we can't avoid. Every single human being on this earth needs to go out and get this book right now. We can't stay silent anymore. 

To give you a better idea of the types of stories included I decided to include a list of topics discussed. Here are five of those topics. 

1. Women who are raped by their husbands
2. Stories from a women who stopped shaving and waxing
3. A woman who is desperately trying to convince her boyfriend that she won't stand for a sexist ritual in a Hindu wedding. 
4.Stories about the women in rural India
5. A teen from a middle-class family who decides to buy a fancy dress. 

Check out this book. It is very important. I picked this book out at the library but I will be buying it very soon. 

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Goodreads Description: 

"Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back!" is a comics anthology by 14 women of their day-to-day experiences in India. Produced out of a week-long workshop with Indian women artists, both amateur and professional, Drawing the Line is part of a larger national conversation in India around sexual discrimination that emerged in the aftermath of the brutal gang-rape and murder of a young medical student in 2012. 

First published in cooperation with feminist Indian publisher Zubaan Books and the Goethe Institute, Ad Astra Comix is pleased to bring "Drawing the Line" to a North American readership, reminding us that feminism must be intersectional and global in its approach. 

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