Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review: Ghost World

That was the worst thing I believe I have ever read. I am so disappointed. 
I really want those hours of my life back. I will never get that wish granted though

Apparently, this is some sort of movie, or comic I am not sure? I haven't watched a movie so I went into this blind. Maybe I should watch the movie? 

This book has no point. Let me repeat that this is about that is about nothing. 

This book goes nowhere. I couldn't understand the plot. I eventually put the book down and went online to get some more info and I realized that this book has a lot of negativity surrounding it. Then it made more sense. I still don't get the point. I still have no clue what Ghost Girl is about. I really don't care about it at this point. 

The main characters of this book are Rebecca and Enid, both girls around the age of 18. They have accomplished what most kids their age do and graduated. They are confused and unsure of what to do with their life. Most of us can relate to that. I am going through that right now. I really didn't like how I really didn't care about what happened to them. 

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The graphic novel has no storyline. It is set up in a series of scenes that really don't connect in any way. They don't serve any clear purpose. There is way too much negativity in this graphic novel, I don't like negativity without a purpose and storyline. 

There is so much negativity. The characters are very much negative nancies. I eye rolled so hard my corneas detached a couple of times. 

They are so negative about themselves, constantly pointing out dislikes, shouting faults to the rooftops. They are offensive and generally catty to each other. They are criticizing others of things they regularly do. 

I really just want to throw this book out the window.

I picked up this book at my college library. This is not a sponsored post. 

Goodreads Description: 

*not my photo // no copyright intended
Originally released in 1997 as a limited hardcover edition of 2,500 copies that sold out almost instantly, Ghost World has subsequently gone through 18 softcover printings, selling in excess of 150,000 copies in the United States, becoming one of the best-selling and most revered graphic novels of all-time, culminating in the 2001 Academy Award-nominated film.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary, Fantagraphics Books released this deluxe, expanded Ghost World special edition in 2008, combining the original graphic novel, the Oscar-nominated screenplay adaptation by Clowes and Terry Zwigoff, as well as over two dozen pages of rare and obscure bonus material in one book, along with a new cover and introduction.

Ghost World is the story of Becky and Enid, two teenaged girls and best friends facing the prospect of not only growing up, but growing apart from each other. Clowes paints a tender picture of this intellectually precocious, sexually adventurous (despite a mutual lack of experience), and formative period in their lives, filtered through a blue hue echoing a world lit by the cathode rays of a television — a perfect metaphor for their post- nuclear existence. Both naturalistic and nostalgic, Ghost World carves a layered narrative out of the daily existence of these fully-realized young women.

Ghost World: The Special Edition included the original, 80-page graphic novel; the out-of-print, Oscar-nominated 106-page screenplay; the little-seen comic strip created for the Ghost World soundtrack; and over 30 pages of rare ephemera related to the book and film, including covers to foreign editions of Ghost World, rare promotional art, pictures, sketches and much more.

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