Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Book Spotlight : A Perfect Plan

Excerpt from the end of Chapter 2:

Now he only had one more obligation to fulfill tonight. With Lord Edward Hastings’ unfortunate demise, a new duty rested on his shoulders. He was now the guardian of Miss Samantha Hastings,
Edward’s little sister. Although a woman of her age hardly needed a guardian, chaperone would be a
more appropriate word.

Whatever the title may be, he now had the added responsibility of approving a husband for the lady; a task which placed him in direct control of her future. Not exactly a role he wanted to play. However, he just needed to marry her off to the first available suitor and he would be free of his promise. Still unmarried, he assumed she would be plain and willing to accept the first man who proposed; considering this was her first season, she would need guidance in that respect. Lady Hastings, Edward’s widow, would be able to assist with the husband hunting process. He decided he would leave the matching to her and then just approve whichever man made it through the tedious courting process.

Benjamin tried to remember the face of Edward’s baby sister. Ten years ago, the last time he met Samantha, she attacked him with a foil. Her face screwed up with raw determination and a scowl as she swung at him from the landing of the Hastings’ country estate stairwell. Her verbal assault was almost as vicious; Edward must have been responsible for that lack of manners. A small girl with plaits and a sharp sword; the memory brought a smile to his lips. He chuckled softly, rubbing his left hand unconsciously.

A tiny puckered scar still blemished his left hand. It seemed difficult to picture Samantha as anything else but a scrawny, ill-mannered child. He assumed, as an adult, she must resemble her brother; same chestnut hair, same blue eyes. Although decidedly more feminine, he corrected the image in his head. He would have no difficulty spotting her this evening. He only hoped she was unarmed.

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