Monday, October 24, 2016

Book Review: Bullied Kids Speak Out: We Survived--How You Can Too

Bullied Kids Speak Out: We Survived--How You Can Too

This is the book I needed as a child. I am beyond thankful that bullying is an issue people care about. Personally I saw four of my friends commit suicide over bullying. Countless more I know dealt with bullying. Your words and actions are powerful. 

All too often you think you are alone when you are being bullied, you don't believe the issue matters, or that anyone can do anything to help you. That couldn't be more wrong. You do matter, the issue matters, and most of all people care. 

Honestly if I could give this book a million stars I would. This is a collection of first hard stories and accounts of bulling. It is deeply moving and incredible impacting. Being able to walk through peoples pain will help inspire you to try and change the world. 

Inside this book are stories that range from LGBT students being outcasted, cyber-bullies, young girls told they are fat/ugly. The stories we often hear about too often. They write about the support, or even sometimes lack of support they had in the situation. Wake up teachers and principles, you have to do something. The collection is comprised 17 stories that will make you realize just how much this epidemic is hurting people. 

It is an eye opening account of just what so many kids deal with on the playground, in parks, and behind close doors. Children who are currently being bullied need to read this book. This book could save one life, every life matters. To be able to understand that so many people go through this issue will help them get through it. Adults need to read this to learn how to fight this ever growing issue. This book will leave a lasting impact. 

Thank you so much to F+W Media for sending me this book for review. All thoughts options and statements made are my own.

Goodreads Description:

True stories from "New York Times" bestselling author Jodee Blanco's tours

Have you ever felt alone, as if no one understands what you're going through, and that no matter how hard you try, you're scared things may never get better? Do you wish your classmates would give you a break? I felt that way often in school. I was bullied and excluded for the same reason maybe you or someone you know has been--simply for being different. There were days when all I wanted was to stay in my room. Back then, I would have given almost anything to meet the kids you're going to meet here.

Autumn dreaded recess. Joshua was afraid to trust anyone at home or at school. Taylor had lots of friends until her BFF turned them all against her. Gabe's online gaming world was turned upside down when other players started humiliating him. A teacher was bullying Brianna. Eric's Asperger's made him the butt of cruel jokes. The cool crowd beat up Tiffany and videotaped it for YouTube. Zach got punched and stomped on because of his weight. Trinity felt invisible. Aamina was harassed because of her family's religious beliefs. Riley had to live with the soul-crushing weight of mental illness as well as the other students who jeered at her plight.

These are some of the brave teens who will be talking to you in this book. They--and others they inspired--found the courage to stand up to their bullies and reclaim their lives, and you'll hear exactly how they did it.

You're not alone anymore.

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