Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Review: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Trigger warning: This book involves drug use, violent sex, and sexual rape. Please read at your own risk. 

I want to start this review by stating that I went into this book with a bit of bias. I was unaware of this books content when I requested it for review. When I read that it was supposed to be about the dead spirit of Kurt Cobain I was hesitant. I am so glad I read this book. It was really good. With that said lets move on with my review. 

I am not a fan of fan fiction normally, in some ways that made me hate this book. I really am just not a person that connected with the main character.  Her name is Evelyn and she is an annoying 16 year old girl that is  everything you hate about teenagers. 

I did like how the author mirrored Evelyn's relationship with her friend Celine, to Kurt and Courtney's marriage. It really was a scandalous almost destructive relationship that fans will enjoy. In ways the author "ruined Evelyn" in the same way that Courtney supposedly ruined Kurt. 

This book is crazy packed with cliche elements. It is like the author doesn't even care / try to avoid them. This book is messed up in all the wrong ways. It is better served as a short story. I could have lived with out the last 100 pages. It was violent, offensive, and even crude in places. It was great in a few parts but not enough for it to be a book you can't put down. 

I think ultimately if you are a fan of Kurt Cobain, or a person that worships the ground that celebrities walk on this will be something you enjoy. If you enjoy dark/ suicide / possible murder books with lots of sex and drug use this book is just for you. 

Disclaimer : I received this book for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review from Anansi Press . All Thoughts opinions and such are my own.

Goodreads Description: 

Lynn Crosbie's new novel is a fantastical love story about a teenage girl who embarks on a relationship with the dead spirit of Kurt Cobain.

Evelyn Gray is a miserable sixteen-year-old girl from Carnation, Washington, who is in love with Kurt Cobain. When Evelyn is taken to the hospital after a drug overdose, Cobain's spirit reanimates itself in the body of a young man who is convalescing in the bed next to her.

Evelyn and the man -- now named Celine Black -- escape the hospital and run off together, determined to become famous. They find the musical success they seek, but despite their mutual devotion, they are tormented by their passion and jealousy. As their fame grows, their relationship becomes more excessive and an episode of sexual violence explodes into a shocking murder.

This is a highly original work of haute fan fiction, written in Crosbie's poetic and emotionally evocative prose

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