Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Book Review: Without The Moon

"Without the Moon" is Cathi Unsworth's new book is amazing. I am so happy I picked up this book. This author is amazing at crime stories set in the past. This book in particular is set in London during World War 2. 

During this time in London is a dark time and place. It is set in noir, with blackened streets, battered neighbors are multiple issues plaguing the city. There are criminals, robbers, prostitutes a plenty. The city is frustrated and most are hoping for a better life. There are even some interesting fortune-tellers to spice things up again. The world that this book is set in is very descriptive and pulls you in. 

Unfortunately like most books there are people that are looking to cause ruckus and trouble. The kind of trouble that ends up in violence and murder. The author weaves a story woven together with terror as well as courage. 

The real heros of these book are interesting and they are female. This is an powerful story, one with real heart. I enjoyed how the story was mixed with mesmerizing details. I loved the mix of real life events and imaginary one.  The atmosphere was fun. The characters were memorable. 

Disclaimer : I received this book for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review from Anansi Press . All Thoughts opinions and such are my own

Goodreads Description: 

Hush, hush, hush

Here comes the Bogeyman . . .

London during the long, dark days of the Blitz: a city outwardly in ruins, weakened by exhaustion and rationing. But behind the blackout, the old way of life continues: in the music halls, pubs, and cafés, soldiers mix with petty crooks, stage magicians with lonely wives, scandal-hungry reporters with good-time girls — and DCI Edward Greenaway keeps a careful eye on everyone.

But out on the streets, something nastier is stirring: London’s prostitutes are being murdered, their bodies left mutilated to taunt the police. And in the shadows Greenaway’s old adversaries in organized crime are active again, lured by rich pickings on the black market. As he follows a bloody trail through backstreets and boudoirs, Greenaway must use all his skill — and everything he knows about the city’s underworld — to stop the slaughter.

Based on real events, Without the Moon is an atmospheric and evocative historical crime novel demonstrating Unsworth’s masterful grasp of the genre. 

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