Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Book Review: The Worst Night Ever

 I went into this book blind on the series, so I was little hesitant at first. I have to say this book was very surprising, I really was unsure I would enjoy it. I found this book was really funny and held my interest for long periods.

Basically, the worst night ever is the story of Wyatt and his friends being pitted against horrible bullies. They are the rich kids of his high school. He tries to survive the shark pool that is high school. This isn't your average "anti-bully story" though. Wyatt uncovers a plot of theirs that could be extremely dangerous.

I have to be honest, because I always am on this blog, it wasn't adult funny, it was very much kid funny. Which is totally okay because it is targeted to kids. I did feel that the characters felt more like middle school characters than high school kids.

Wyatt and his friends are pitted against rich bullies who are up to no good, and he uncovers a plot of theirs involving dangerous animals. It wasn't quite as funny as the first, but I loved that Wyatt was in 9th grade, was clearly a high school student, but was still goofy and awkward and wasn't doing inappropriate things. I need so many more of this type of book that I am still completely willing to put together a list of librarians and teachers who are willing to deliver meals to Mr. Barry's house so he can write full time and not have to worry about mundane domestic tasks.

I recommend this book to libraries, schools, and parents that have a child in middle school or older. It would be a good book for a 4th or 5th grader also. Seriously go buy it at one of the links I listed, I doubt you will regret it I received this book for free in exchange for my honest, but completely unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Last year, Wyatt Palmer was the hero of middle school, having foiled a plot against the president of the United States. But now he and his friends are in Coral Cove High School-home of the Fighting Conchs-and Wyatt is no longer a hero: He's just another undersized freshman, hoping to fit in, or at least not be unpopular.

 Things start to go wrong when Matt Diaz, who is Wyatt's best friend but also unfortunately an idiot, decides to bring his pet ferret, Frank, to school. Through an unfortunate series of events Frank ends up in the hands of the Bevin brothers, who are the most popular boys at Coral Cove High, but are also, as Matt soon discovers, the nastiest. 

When Wyatt and Matt try to get Frank back, they concoct a plan to attend a party for the cool clique at the Bevin's waterfront mansion and stumble onto the Bevin family's dark and deadly secret. That's when Wyatt learns that some things are worse than being unpopular in high school. MUCH worse. 

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