Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Review: The Fir Tree

Title: The Fir Tree
Author: Has Christian Anderson
Illustator: Sanna Annukka
Publisher: Hutchinson 
Publication Date: October 18th 2012
Source: Blogging for Books
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is one of the most beautiful classic editions I have had in a while. The book The Fir Tree' by Hans Christian Andersen is a beautiful short story about a fir tree that is living in the woods. He is still rather small so hasn't been chosen. He wants to grow up and be a big strong tree with all his might. The new editions is beautiful while the story is not. 

This fir tree yearns and yearns to grow up. Eventually the fir tree grows tall enough to be picked as a Christmas tree. Unfortunately are little tree friend has no idea what that means, he believes his life will only be better, he will be happier. Of course he is wrong. It is too late, and his fate is sealed. 

The story of growing up, dissatisfaction, and lost of childhood in pursuit of lofty goals is the moral of this tale. The author of course can write a super sad story. I haven't always been a fan of his work for this reason. I am extremely happy this story didn't get edited or retold. 

The illustration are magical. Sanna Annukka has a style that is interesting and brand new. She uses geometric shapes that create at a whole new level of interest. There are nice contrasting colors that show a variety of scenes like a forest, fish swimming, and other beautiful ornaments. It is not your typical illustrations. It is a breathe of fresh air. 

I received a review copy of this ebook from NetGalley and a print version from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. 

Book Description: 

Gorgeously packaged with intricate illustrations from Finnish illustrator, Sanna Annukka, this new edition of Hans Christian Andersen's well-loved fairy tale, The Fir Tree, is the perfect holiday gift for adults and children alike.

Hans Christian Andersen's tragic tale of naive greed and dissatisfaction is retold through the striking and contemporary illustrations of Finnish illustrator Sanna Annukka. Cloth-bound in rich forest green, with gold foil embellishments, The Fir Tree is elevated from a children's book to a unique work of art and makes an ideal gift for people of all ages.

The Illustrator: 

Sanna Annukka was born in Brighton UK to a Finnish mother and a British father.

She spent many childhood summers in her mother's home village of Paltaniemi in Northern Finland and together with her aunts and uncles they would head into Lapland to camp in the wilderness, pick berries and fish for wild salmon. Having spent some time living with her grandmother in her old wooden house, and helping on the family farm, Finland became Sanna's spiritual home.

Her love of the Finnish landscape and culture of the north was shaped by these early experiences, and her work draws on the magical quality of this special, wild part of the world.

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