Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Review : We all Sleep In The Same Room

This has got to be the most unique book I have ever read. Paul Rom's incredible debut novel is completely cringeworthy and good. This is a tiny little novel. This novel is a powerful and punch worthy novel. The author is an amazing author that focuses on the interesting lives of his characters. It seems that he really enjoys creating the backstory for each of his characters to thrive in. Although he gives just enough slack that you can add in details as you wish and come to your own conclusions. 

The book follows a man named Tom Claughlin a New York City Lawyer that has a reputation for being an advocate of justice. He wears many different hats. One being a husband and recent father. His home life is far from perfect and is very dysfunctional. He works a lot, his wife feels abandoned and spends more money than she should. He lives in a little one bedroom apartment, where they all sleep in the same room. His domestic life is falling apart while he begins falling for the newest intern, who is not helping the situation. 

Eventually a young, attractive male baby sitter begins stealing the attention of Tom's wife and even the son. Quickly we see both of them detaching away from Tom, even he can see it at points and does nothing. Spanning over a four month period in late 2005, Tom's world completely is destroyed in ways that you couldn't even imagine. 

This book is surreal, unusual, nauseating, and entirely ambiguous. This has the feel of a mystery, the immediacy of a private detective, and noir-style that will captivate you. The characters are brash and entirely obsessive. This book will question your morals, intimacy in your family and work. It has such an air of modern realism, that I had never experienced before. 

This is a transformative, and painful book. I believe both optimistic and cynical people can enjoy this novel. 

The story  follows four months in the life of Tom Claughlin, a union lawyer in his professional prime, who lives with his charming three year old son and wife of 21 years in a small, rent-stabilized one bedroom apartment in Union Square. As Tom revs up for a big case - getting a wronged clinic worker her job back - he finds himself spending more and more time with a young legal assistant at his law firm. When he breaks his abstinence from alcohol, a "symbolic pact" with his wife after the last time he got drunk and took things too far with a coworker, the pleasant facade of Tom's life begins to unravel.

About the Author: 

Paul Rome is a writer and coffee shop manager. He has written for The Huffington Post, PEN America, The Minetta Review and Mercer Street. His first novel, entitled We All Sleep in the Same Room, was nominated for the 2014 PEN/Robert W. Bingham award for debut fiction. 

The novel has been hailed by Electric Literature as "a New York novel... all the more memorable for its originality," and by HTML Giant as "a powerful debut by a writer who has almost preternaturally insightful things to say about all that is. ...

A cultivated style that is beautiful in its understated elegance."

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