Thursday, December 29, 2016

My year (2016) in Books as told by Goodreads

I love breakdowns and charts. I enjoy when things are over analyzed and super beautiful. When I saw the button on Goodreads, I knew I just had to check it out. I can not believe I logged 117 books. In reality, I read 140, some of them can't be posted on the blog or Goodreads until 2017! The 117 books make up a crazy 20,733 pages. That just blows my mind.

In this section I figured on of the children's books would be the shortest book, then one of my school research books might be the longest. I enjoyed Apache wars. It is interesting that my average was just at 200 pages. Feels like I read more 300-400 page books than that!

I figured a different book would be the most popular. Brandon L Jackson's poetry book From A Sky's View deserves more love than it gets!

I read a ton of beautiful books this year, so I had a pretty high average rating. I don't believe all the nonsense that goes on in the reviewing community about how #theydonttakeyouseriously if you have a rating above a 4.5. Honestly, if you choose only to read amazing books, or love every book you read, that is awesome! I wish I could be that great at picking out books. This community needs more love and less hate.

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