Monday, January 23, 2017

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A Day and a Life (The Hawk and the Dove #9)

I have always found that monks were very interesting. They are extremely devoted to their beliefs and practices, that is something that I admire. They are naturally called to this religion. It is obvious that the author Ms. Wilcock who is also fascinated with the monks and writes deeply and emotionally about the experiences about two monks that are eager to practiced their faith. 
Like many people finding their faith they feel they do not measure up to the more experienced monks. Of course this causes them to question their calling and question everything they believe. Eventually they begin to work through this and overcome their fears about the abilities they have. They look deeply into themselves. The find their strengths and weaknesses over time. 
The author takes us on a journey. The journey is one everyone must take at some point, she is showing us the regardless of who you are people are people. People are important no matter how small they are. Everybody has challenges. 
There were three things I disliked about this book. Those are: 
1.  I didn't like who much of these story seemed stuck in details about the century the book was set in. 

2.  The wordiness in the book. It felt at times that things were explained could have been done in an easier and less complex way 

3.  The story was slow. There was so much detail and descriptiveness it weighted the book down. 

Disclaimer: I received this book from Kregel in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Goodreads Description:

The monastic rhythm of life at St Alcuins means that all is peaceful on the surface, but beneath there are strong currents as each monk contends with his own hopes, fears, challenges, and temptations. Not every monk is settled and secure. 

Sadness permeates the monastery when it is discovered early one morning that one of the novices, Brother Cedd, has disappeared. It quickly becomes clear that disturbance in the life of one can impact many. As the day goes on, the question looms: will Brother Cedd return? And what will be the consequences if he doesn't? 

In this moving conclusion to The Hawk and the Dove series, Pen Wilcock describes a single day in the life of the community weaving a deeply touching, frank, and witty tapestry of monastic life.

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