Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bible Review: Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible NLT

 As Tyndale says, when children are grounded in faith, they are equipped for the future.

This is such an excellent Bible for kids. I really wish I had one like this, but my kids will get to experience the joy of this little Bible.

The only downside is that it is super thin. Like I feel as if the children would rip the pages if they aren't careful enough. I also dislike that it is a paper cover and not something with more substance like leather or hardcover. Something that little hands can really grip on to.

The Bible is in the New Living Translation, which I don't mind but some people might. Although in various parts the Core Memory Verses are in King James versions. Each of these is printed in the NLT, New International Version (NIV) and King James Version (KJV). There are 100 key verses that this Bible encourages your child to learn. They emphasize valuable lessons in your child's walk with Christ. If your child is grasping them well, there are also 136 extra challenge verses. There is sort of devotionals that help your child learn to love and grow in the Word. 

My favorite thing is the music. I am a person that loves music so having a Bible that comes with 100 songs is kind of cool. We turn this on in the car, in the house, and other places. It is something children ask for. It helps with memory as well. If you can put a tune to the verse, you are likely to remember it more. 

This Bible has different sections. There are three in total. The first is Explore and Apply. In this section, your child will be given a description and encouraged to analyze the verse. After that, they talk about the application of the particular message. This helps show kids how to instill these values into their hearts. The next is pray, which provides a written out prayer. I love that this teaches children now to pray and now to change a prayer for various topics. Lastly,  the section called to dig deeper which has more information about the topic or passage, as well as more verses to study.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Tyndale House Publishers book review bloggers program. This means I was not required or influenced in anyway to write a positive review. The opinions, thoughts, and comments are mine and do not reflect the opinions of Tyndale publishing. 

Goodreads Description

Scripture memorization grounds kids in the faith equip them for the future and solidify relationships with Christ, family, and others.

 The "Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible" was created to encourage kids not only to read God's Word but also to hide it deep within their hearts.

 One hundred of the Bible's core verses have been set to music by renowned children's author and songwriter Stephen Elkins.

 The 100 songs include a variety of genres and are available in the New Living Translation, New International Version, and King James Version, and all songs are free with the purchase of the Bible. 

Additional interactive features encourage school-age kids to engage with the Word in every place of their life

Annotations by:  Stephen Elkins

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