Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Book Review: Don't You Know There's a War On?

Don't You Know There's a War On?


This was an annoying middle-grade novel. Although at least it was quite short. I picked this up on a whim at a bookstore for around fifty cents. Due to its length, I decided to read it while on break from school. I hate that I am rating this book one star. I sort of feel bad about it. I just feel like it would bore anyone who reads it. It isn't a bad book it is just sort of too young for older readers, and too boring for the young ones.

I was surprised because Avi is usually such a good writer of children's literature. The writing in this book is weak. The plot is nonexisting and extremely predictable. It is almost like the author is trying to disappoint you. I am not sure how he even finished this book. I would have fallen asleep writing it. I am not the intended audience, but if I was, I know younger me would be bored also.

The best part of this book was the slang. That's not a good sign. The old time dialogue was amusing and made me laugh. I enjoyed the historical nods to yesteryear. So that is a plus.

It also was sort of interesting thinking about what the emotional and psychological ( can you tell what my major is? ) ramifications of growing up in the middle of war would be. A war like World War II. The book did have random, albeit wise, profound moments. Things that made you think about things. An example:

"I mean, it should be that grown-ups stay put. It’s kids that are supposed to go. But during the war, see, it was just the opposite. It was us kids who had the job of trying to keep things normal.” 

I did find the book to be a little bit unrealistic and predictable as I mentioned earlier. I believe even children would know that Howie's petition is not going to work. I just really didn't find myself caring for Howie Crispers at all. 

Overall a big disappointment. You should check it out for yourself. 
Goodreads Description: 

World War II is on everyone's mind and in every headline, and Howie Crispers has a hunch that his school principal is a spy. 

With a little snooping around, Howie finds out something even more alarming. Principal Lomister may not be a spy, but he is plotting to get rid of Howie's favorite teacher.

 Howie's dad is fighting Nazis overseas, and his mom is working hard to support the war effort, so Miss Gossim is the only person Howie can depend on. 

With the help of his friends, and a plan worthy of radio show superhero Captain Midnight, Howie intends to save Miss Gossim!

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