Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Review: Four Seasons of Loneliness: A Lawyer's Case Stories

This wasn't a bad book. It is more so I just didn't know what to expect from it. 

The book was a little forgetful for me. It was a little dry. Perhaps this just isn't the correct book for me. The subject matter in this book is extremely rough. When I read the description it seems interesting enough. For some reason, the book just fell a little flat. 

I did like the fact it is a look upon on loneliness. The effect it has on us, not just feeling lonely because you're missing someone, but true and permanent loneliness. The kind that lingers and envelops you. The one that tastes bitter.  The author uses four different case studies. These are stories that are similar to real life. The problems the people are facing are all to common place in this world.  

The author uses these cases to explain the theory he has. His background is very impressive. J. W. Freiberg holds a Ph.D. from UCLA and a JD from Harvard Law School. This gave his book some more weight and allowed the book to be a little more important to me. He uses his background and knowledge to create excellent stories. The problem like I said was that they weren't every memorable. The writing was well executed. 

The stories themselves are a rough read. They are filled with pain and suffering. You really can feel the loneliness in each and ever case study. I thought it was an entertaining memoir and unlike anything I had previously read. 

The book has a moral. In my opinion, this book is sort of trying to explain that we all live in the world. Bad things happen to everyone. We don't get a choice in the matter. We just get a choice in how we react and perceive what is going on around us.

Goodreads Description: 

What happens when loneliness engulfs us? How do we manage life when the absence of adequate connections becomes an excruciating hunger?

During his extraordinary decades-long career as an attorney, J. W. Freiberg consulted on hundreds of cases involving clients affected by chronic and debilitating loneliness. Here, in four adapted stories from his practice, he reveals how loneliness can impact us in every season of our lives. A fascinating cast of characters emerges: the traumatized teenager forever branded as a sexual predator, the man who spends the prime of his life in solitary confinement in Mao-era China, the truck driver whose self-education isolates him from his community, and the professor at the end of his life who has vast knowledge about the history of love but none to call his own.

Told through Freiberg’s unique lens of a social psychologist turned lawyer, Four Seasons of Loneliness explores the fallout of losing the connections so fundamental to our survival and the ways in which we seek to find again the bonds that sustain us.

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