Thursday, April 27, 2017

Freebie Alert- Plus News

Hello all my lovely blog readers, this latest quarter of college has been rough for me. On top of that,  I have been battling bronchitis. I guess when it rains it pours. I just want to thank all of you, for sticking by me. Starting this month I will have a ton of new content. Today I have a super exciting book to share with you!

Author Helen Bea Kirk, has sent me a treat, to share with all of you. Her new novel, Done Running will be free on Amazon from April 27th - May 2.

Check out this book on amazon: Done Running

Here's a "Girl meets boy; girl stabs boy and runs; revengeful boy chases her and the adventure is on" story. Treat your friends! Cut and paste this flyer to send to your followers or just enjoy Done Running yourself.

What is Done Running? 

Adventurous, suspenseful romance. No Erotica. Occasional bad word.
310 pages. You won't forget Porsha Angeline Lemere or her whacky mother, Miralda!

Information about the Author: 

Writer Helen Bea Kirk has just launched her first book of the Pullman Series; 'What Matters Most'. For many years Helen scribbled story ideas in a notebook, late at night, knowing someday she would bring her flawed, but endearing characters to life. Redemption and forgiveness are recurring themes in all of her stories because Helen believes without these, relationships can't exist. She might even say they are 'What Matters Most'. 

Helen welcomes the opportunity to meet you on her blog at HB Kirkpublishing. com


  1. Andrea,
    Thank you for sharing the flyer with your readership - always appreciate touching new readers. Thank you."Done Running" is doing well; I look forward to your reader comments on the story. "Drawn To You" will be out May 20.
    Helen Bea Kirk

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Just checking in. How are you? Your last update was more than a month ago..just checking on you.