Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Review: 'The Little Girl and the River & Other Poems'

Recently I have been trying to get into reading more poetry when I got the opportunity to read such an excellent collection of poems I jumped at the chance. Poetry is such a personal thing and can be interpreted in many interesting and different ways. So this is my take on this collection, I hope you will check it out for yourself. 

Love is the first topic explored in this collection. The first poem is rather beautiful and is titled Nothing but love. When I read this, I instantly knew I was going to enjoy this collection of poems. I love the imagery used and symbolism of the words. The whole theme of love is echoed throughout the book. 

I also really enjoyed the poem titled When Love Became Saviour, this one really spoke to me. As a foster child, this one had a message that hit really close to home. The way the author write is so inspiring, captivating, and honest. Some of the words of this poem were beautifully chilling. 

This collection is a mix of emotions, they range from love all the way to sorrow. It is a beautiful expression of the mix we have in life. There is so much passion written into this collection. The author has such a love for poetry, her craft is very well written. I enjoyed this more than I can express. I will be picking up any other works completed by this author. I recommend this book to those that love poetry, and those just exploring the genre. 

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest and completely unbiased review. All thoughts are my own.

Links for purchase: Find the book on Amazon and Goodreads. 

Goodreads Description: 

The little girl and the river & other poems is a refreshing take on human emotions – love, sorrow, happiness and much more.

 The collection of poems is a passionate portrayal of the vitality of love that supersedes loneliness, of hope and optimism in difficult times, of the power of dreams, and of how courage and the determined human spirit ultimately triumphs over the pervasive malice around. 
It is also a beautiful ode to women power, fighting adversities with hope and courage, of their remarkable endurance and selfless devotion. 

The poetry is inspiring and uplifting, in that it celebrates the power of the human spirit - of dreams and optimism and the ultimate victory of the resolute human soul over the vagaries of life.

A little bit about the author: 

Preeti G is a freelance Content Writer, ebook author and poet. Her writings have appeared in
several journals. She’s a member of the writer’s group CRWROPP-B. Born and brought up in
Hyderabad, she's done her MBA in Human relations and currently resides at Pune with her family. Her ebook on poetry ’22 poems On love and Life!’ published on Amazon can be found Here. Her upcoming ebook ‘The little girl and the river; Other poems’ is a beautiful collection of poems that is soon to be published on Amazon.

Her hobbies include reading and writing short stories, traveling and cooking.

Connect with her at:

FB: preetivandana


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