Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Review: Max at Night

This is a series I will be running for a little while, highlighting some excellent children's literature. During the coming months, there will be many children's books. Stay tuned to learn more about it. Read previous posts in this series here. 

Honestly, I should not be this excited for a children's book. I love the max series, so when I saw Max at Night I knew the children's self needed it. I can't express how cute and adorable this book is. Seriously, if you don't check out any children's literature, you need to pick up this one. 

Max is such a cute, and sweet little cat. All he wants to do is to say good night before going to bed, he wants to do this to the Moon. Unfortunately, when max goes to do it he can't find the Moon anywhere. He goes to check out where the moon went to. He climbs trees, on top of some buildings, and so much more. He asks questions of the night, the rooftop, the hill, anywhere and anything he comes in contact. Do you know where the moon is? Finally, the wind knows where the Moon his and decides to blow the cloud cover. And then bam out comes the moon. So Max can go to sleep. 

This is a quite little book, with very little story to it. So it is better for younger little ones. Surprisingly,  it is very slow paced and quite repetitive so this is perfect when tucking those little ones in. 

While the illustration are very simple and minimalistic. These lovely images are perfect for bedtime because they are not bright or shiny. Recommend this to all. 

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest and completely unbiased review. All thoughts are my own.

Meet Max - the mighty kitten and New York Times bestseller.

This is Max. Max is very sleepy. It's way past Max's bedtime. Max has drunk his milk. 

Max has brushed his teeth. Max has cleaned behind his ears. Now Max just needs to say goodnight...

Max is tired and all ready for bed, but when he can't find the moon to say goodnight to, he sets out to find it. But that's not as easy as Max had hoped...

 Witty and heart-warming, this stylish and beautifully illustrated book is the perfect bedtime read.

A Little Bout the Author: 

Ed Vere has been writing and illustrating children’s books since 1999. He is also a fine art painter and is represented by galleries in London and Los Angeles. He lives in London.

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