Saturday, May 27, 2017

Book Review: Shivers

I understand I am not the target audience for this book, but an 8-year-old, wouldn't like this book, and he is the target audience. He left before the book finished. That's pretty bad.

I don't even know what aspect to write about first. The main character in this wild book is Shivers; he is an adorable pirate, one of the best pirates I have ever read about. He is always in a panic, and he is cute. I can't get enough of him, which was very surprising. He is the only reason why I didn't quit reading this book half way through.

In this novel, Shivers is back, in his cute little bunny slippers. He has been forced by Mayor, President, which seriously, eye roll in this name. She forces him to start a quest that forces him into dangerous and adorable situations. He is on his way to get the torch to save his boat from whoever took it.

The story line is all over the place, there is zero point to this book, as shivers never really overcomes his fears. I dislike stories that seem to have no purpose or point.

Overall it was an okay book, but if your kid likes it then that is great. I would just recommend this with caution.

Goodreads Description:

Shivers, the scaredy-est pirate to ever sail the Seven Seas, is back. 

Comic book–like illustrations in each chapter bring Shivers to life and invite even the most reluctant readers to join the adventure. Perfect for fans of such series as Stick Dog, Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

This time, Shivers must set sail again to get his beloved ship, the Land Lady, back from Mayor Sheila B. President. Shivers won’t be going alone, however.

 He’ll be bringing his best pal, Margo, and his loyal fishmate, Albee, on a clingy-clam and hot dog filled adventure. Like all good pirates, Shivers will just have to grab his swimmies (and his bunny slippers) and jump right into this epic tale.

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