Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Book Review: When My Sister Started Kissing (spoilers)

Actual rating: 2.5

I was sold on this book when I realized that this book was told in verse. This one sort of felt boring at times for me. I also realize that this is more a middle-grade novel, so I am not really the desired audience for this one. This book is told in three different perspectives, which is the lake, Abi, and Claire. What is unique is that each perspective has a different poetical format. Out of all of them, I found the lake to be the most interesting one. I didn't really like how depressive this book was. 

These girls have always spent a month at the cabin on the lake every single summer. A terrible accident has happened and their mother has passed away. What was weird to me was the girls seemed to have issues going to the lake after this with their dad and new mother, but the mom died when they were just babies which made it seem out of the ordinary for them to be so distressed by this trip. I felt like this book was "trying" to solve a problem when there wasn't one. 

The biggest problem is the fact that Abi is becoming interested in boys, which is having a negative effect on Claire. Which I think is a cute part of the story, but it certainly doesn't feel like the point of this story. I will admit this is a sweet story about sisters and family. 

Another major issue why I couldn't give this book more than two stars is that the younger sisters voice is really annoying, and seems a bit immature for a girl her age. It made the whole seem ridiculous and made me lose interest. The last thing that seemed weird was that he continued to come to this little cabin after all the pain that was associated with this place. 

It is a cute middle grade, coming of age story. 

Goodreads Description: 

Claire and Abi have always loved their summers at the lake house, but this year, everything's different. 

Dad and Pam, their stepmom, are expecting a new baby, and they've cleared out all of Mom's belongings to make room.

 And last summer, Abi was looking at boys, but this summer, boys are looking back at her. 

While Abi sneaks around, Claire is left behind to make excuses and cover up for her. 

Claire doesn't want her family to change, but there doesn't seem to be a way of stopping it. 

By the end of their time at the house, the two sisters have learned that growing up doesn't have to mean their family growing apart.

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