Critical Reviews

This is a completely different review than my normal reviews, this is a critical review. A critical review is confidential and sent only to the person that requested it. This the perfect review for a novel that hasn't been published. You can use the review as a way to prepare for publishing. 

Of course any author can have a critical review regardless of publishing. Let me explain in more detail what I am meaning by critical review. 

What is the purpose of a critical review

The entire purpose of a critical review is summarizing and evaluate a text. The critical review can be of a book that is not finished, published, or even on that has been out for a while. 

What is meant by critical?

Let me be clear and explain that critical does not mean criticize in a negative manner. Instead it means to evaluate the text, information, and question the information and opinions in the text. Then the evaluation or judge the text that is given. To do this well I read the text many times and really take detailed notes. This will be a long response review sent to you. 

What is meant by evaluation or judgment?

This is where I decide the strengths and weakness of texts. This on certain criteria that will be determined based on the type of book. This requires an understanding both the content of the text, and also an understanding of a text’s purpose, the intended audience, and why it is structured the way it is.

What is meant by analysis?

Analyzing requires separating the content and concepts of a text into their main components and then understanding how these interrelate, connect and possibly influence each other.

 What will be evaluated? 

Depending on the genre of the text will determine the evacuation process. For YA and Adult Fiction, the evacuation will include basic grammar with spelling, structure, plot. I will also evaluate development of characters.  What I liked or disliked, and parts I think need work. 

For Non- Fiction basic grammar with spelling, structure, and if the purpose was fulfilled.  I will also evaluate sources and information given. This will also include what I liked or disliked, and parts I think need work.  

For Children's books or education books in class rooms I will use a different evaluation. I will include the following  basic grammar with spelling, structure, plot. I will also evaluate if the attended audience would be able to understand the text, if the lesson/moral was reached. How teachers could use the book in the classroom and as well as appropriateness.

Is This a Free Service?   

Unfortunately this is not a free service. I wish I could do everything for free but I can not. This is a very long, and intensive review of a book. This kind of review will require hours of work and many re-reads. It is an in-depth review. The amount of time is so worth it in the end. This kind of review will help work out any issues. 

What Does it Cost?

Unfortunately I can't not have a set price list because of the different types of situations and books. I will not charge the same for a children's book as I will for an adult novel. Because of this I will evaluate your request and email you back a estimate and time line. 

Information I need when you place your request: Please include the following 

  • A Brief Synopsis of the book
  • Your details, or the books details
  • Word Count information
  • What do you want out of the critical review? (please take your time on this part) 
If you are interested in this type of review feel free to email me at Please be sure to include the details requested above. I look forward to working with you! 

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