Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book Review: The Day the Aunts Disappeared

Title: The Day the Aunts Disappeared
Author & Illustrator: KayeC Jones and Russ Hughes
Source: Sent from Author
My Rating : 5 out of 5 stars

Another great children's book,  from an author that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love children's books that have meaning, purpose, and explain issues at a child level. I believe that childhood is about discovery and learning even when your reading. The books by Cozy Bear Studios do just that.

This is a cute little story that has a huge lesson for children. It teaches the purpose of reading carefully and paying attention to definitions. It also teaches the important life lesson of forgiveness.

See a certain little word has gotten mixed up. A little anteater named Greg is always looking for something to eat. He thinks bugs are gross and boring after having eaten them for so long. When he gets to the big city he hears the word, Aunt. Well, a problem arises because aunt and ant seem pretty much like the same word to our little friend. So he ends up eating the aunts.

Pretty soon the whole town was missing and wanting their aunts. This has a great ending and message for kids. The guy was just hungry, not mean guy! The showed him some other food items he could eat. The ending will blow you away

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Goodreads Description:

Hungry and tired of bug bites, Greg the Anteater decided to go to town to find an easy meal.

He quickly finds out that there are aunts all around the town! But "aunts" and "ants" are not the same thing, as he quickly finds out.

Find out what happens to Greg and all the aunts in town in this colorful and nonsensical story that will make you laugh and giggle.

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