Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review: Where is Heaven Anyways?

This was a moving illustrated short poem. I choose to do this review because my grandmother loved hummingbirds. I miss her a lot, so this review is for her. The author Dunned Albert has a way with words that just really touched me.

The book starts out with a sad little hummingbird named Hattie. We find her in sorrow because she has just lost someone very dear to her. This is something we all can relate to. The pain of losing a person close to you. The illustrations are beautiful and somehow end up capturing the emotion of the story. This little contains so many stunning watercolor images.

Her mother gives her a great piece of advice, that literally is my favorite quote from the whole book. She says,

" My Dear heaven is near and far. It is the same as here, but different like how the sun is still a star" 

Over the course of the book, Hattie gets answers to her question about  Where Heaven is. In the end, the book ends on a really good note. This is a story for all ages, no matter how young or how old. For anyone who wants to understand heaven a little more. The ones who want to know how our loved ones never truly leave us. 

This book is great for kids and opens up frank discussions. I believe parents can use this book to help with children that are grieving. This will help explain death on a positive note. This will also help them learn some coping skills. 

Your child will love this book because it is pretty, has bright colors. The book contains big images and clear writing so your child will not struggle. It is a rhyming story so they will work on those skills. 

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All thoughts are my own and do not reflect that fact. I recommend this to anyone. 

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